Alma Vit

About Alma

I was born in 1959 and grew up in Šiauliai Lithuania

Graduated as a nurse at Šiauliai Higher School of Medicine 1979 but never worked as such, during the 80's I was more of an entrepreneur and worked as self-employed in various sectors both in Lithuania and Moscow. When Lithuania became free, I went over to the United States and worked for a year as a beauty consultant with Russian-speaking clients, but for family reasons I had to return to Lithuania after only one year.


In 1999 I moved to Gnosjö Sweden, trained in psychiatry and worked at a treatment home.

Due to family reasons in 2007, I became deeply depressed but managed to get out of this by painting, something that was completely new to me. It all started one morning when I got an irresistible urge to start painting the same morning I went to the nearest store and bought acrylic paints then I made my first painting on an A4 sheet, after this day I painted continuously even when I visited my friends I had always with colors and paper I did not think of anything other than just putting my imagination through the colors of paper when I painted I had to be completely in the present and in my own little "world", this allowed me to get away from my negative thoughts and find peace by just painting soothing motifs with happy warm colors.


In 2009 I met my current husband, together we trained as Life Coaches. Started working in the home care service, everything was fine, but in 2017 I got a fatigue depression and am still on sick leave.


Nowadays I live with my Swedish husband in Helsingborg Sweden. I paint as much as I can to just get back to the present and the peace of mind I need so much for my healing and still want to convey a good and soothing feeling in my art that is based on the love of strong colors with human faces as a theme but does not really have any direct rules in my painting but paints intuitively and completely from myself what feels best for the moment.

I paint with acrylic my style can perhaps be said to be abstract figurative.


In addition to a one-year education with an artist, I am self-taught and autodidact.

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